How To: Tape a hockey stick like the pros

Tape a hockey stick like the pros

Before beginning to tape your hockey stick, take your desired cloth grip tape and score it in half with a knife making sure to not cut through the cardboard core. The purpose of this is to make thinner strips of tape. To begin the taping process, start at the top of the stick and go down the stick in a diagonal for about six inches. Then, back at the top of the stick, wrap with white (shin guard) tape around and around to make a knob. Now, we focus attention on the blade end. Run a thin strip of tape along the thin edge of the blade. Then, wrap around the entire blade using full-width black cloth tape. You can choose to leave a bit of the end of the blade exposed, but this video tapes to the end. Be sure to trim the excess to maintain the smooth lines of the blade and rub smooth to ensure there are no air bubbles or rough spots.

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