How To: Properly lace ice hockey skates

Properly lace ice hockey skates

Dan Perceval, founder of the sport of Xtreme Ice Skating explains us in the video of how to properly lace ice hockey skates. It starts with the wax laces. There are different forms but he suggests heavy wax since it lasts long. These wax laces are used to grip the boots. We normally we use 120 inch if there is no wrapping around and it should be in excess if you wrap around. Now we start with lacing. You can start outwards or inwards in hole one. He prefers outward so he inserts the lace outward on hole one. Similarly do it with the other side first hole with the either end of the lace. Now pull the ends of the lace taking care of their heights to be same. Then cross the ends to the opposite hole. That is the end which went on the first hole on one side must be at the opposite end for the second hole. You can see the outward insertion helps in better tightness. Repeat this pattern till the last hole. And that's it tie it up at the top according to your preference and you are done.

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