How To: Tape the butt end of a hockey stick

Tape the butt end of a hockey stick

In this how to video, you will learn how to tape up a hockey stick. You will need hockey tape and a hockey stick to do this. First, take the tape and wrap it around the tip about two times to make sure it is on nice and tightly. Stretch the tape length to about chest length and then spin it. This will create a cord for more grip. Now, wrap it around the stick about for times with a spacing that matches your fingers. Create a nice spiral while doing this. After this is done, wrap it back up. This depends on what size you want. Once you are the top, continue wrapping about ten to fifteen times. This will create an extra bump for your grip. Once this is done, bring it back down and pull it tight. It should rip off. Your stick is now taped.

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