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How To: Properly lace ice hockey skates

Dan Perceval, founder of the sport of Xtreme Ice Skating explains us in the video of how to properly lace ice hockey skates. It starts with the wax laces. There are different forms but he suggests heavy wax since it lasts long. These wax laces are used to grip the boots. We normally we use 120 inch if there is no wrapping around and it should be in excess if you wrap around. Now we start with lacing. You can start outwards or inwards in hole one. He prefers outward so he inserts the lace outw...

How To: Tie your ice skates and keep the laces tight

In this video from Prolite we learn the right way to tie your ice skates and keep the laces tight. First you need a lace hook. It's a metal piece that helps you lace the skates. With the skate on and the laces loose, pull tight on the laces just enough so it's a little tight. Now take the lace hook and start at the bottom. Put it underneath both laces and pull tight. Keep doing this as you go up the skate. As you pull tight with one hand, with the other you put one finger where the tension is...

How To: Hockey stop on ice skates

JuvenileE6, aka Chris Kibui, presents this four-part video tutorial on how to hockey stop. This is an ice skating and ice hockey tutorial created to improve the skaters ability on the ice and in game. You'll see different ways of stopping on the ice, like the Penguin Heel, followed by a description on how to learn the stops.

How To: One foot stop on ice skates

Check out this instructional hockey video that demonstrates how to stop on one foot. This is the second step for stopping. After you have mastered the snowplow stop, learn how to use one foot to stop. The one foot stop is a smart hockey skating skill to master. Learn hockey skills and moves in this sports video on how to play hockey.

How To: Tape a hockey stick like the pros

Before beginning to tape your hockey stick, take your desired cloth grip tape and score it in half with a knife making sure to not cut through the cardboard core. The purpose of this is to make thinner strips of tape. To begin the taping process, start at the top of the stick and go down the stick in a diagonal for about six inches. Then, back at the top of the stick, wrap with white (shin guard) tape around and around to make a knob. Now, we focus attention on the blade end. Run a thin strip...

How To: Tape your hockey stick properly

In this tutorial, we learn how to properly tape a hockey stick. Start at the base of the stick and start to tape down the blade. Try not to have too much tape overlap. Keep taping until you reach the end of the blade, taping over the toe if you prefer. If you have a rounded toe, you will have to use scissors to cut the tape, then fold it tightly at the end so no tape is hanging loose. Now, flatten the tape out with something hard and flat. To finish, store this in a cool and dry place and enj...

How To: Tape the butt end of a hockey stick

In this how to video, you will learn how to tape up a hockey stick. You will need hockey tape and a hockey stick to do this. First, take the tape and wrap it around the tip about two times to make sure it is on nice and tightly. Stretch the tape length to about chest length and then spin it. This will create a cord for more grip. Now, wrap it around the stick about for times with a spacing that matches your fingers. Create a nice spiral while doing this. After this is done, wrap it back up. T...

How To: Perform a backhand shot

Check out this instructional hockey video demonstrates how to take a backhand shot. A backhand shot in hockey is shooting or passing from the back edge of the blade. This is the deadliest shot in hockey because the goalie can't anticipate where you're shooting. Learn ice hockey skills and moves in this sports video on how to play hockey.

How To: Hockey stop on ice skates properly

Without a hockey stop you would turn into a hockey fail. So prevent yourself from splattering onto the walls or crashing into your opponent by learning how to stop while playing hockey effectively. This hockey tutorial will teach you how to perform a hockey stop on stkates.

How To: Handle a hockey stick

A hockey stick is used for scoring goals, passing and blocking passes in ice hockey. Learn how to use a hockey stick like an all-star from an experienced hockey coach in this free sports video series.

How To: Make an ice hockey turn

You can learn how to make an ice hockey turn. Tight glide turns consist of a strong inside and outside edge glide with your body weight pushing downwards into the ice. Your right foot should be outside and your left foot a little behind.

How To: Score a goal in field hockey

Anna Bennett, a striker in the England hockey squad, shows tips for getting the ball in the back of the net. Hit with power and accuracy into the net away from the keeper. If no opportunity is available, pass to a teammate that has one, and be ready for a rebound. Score a goal in field hockey.

How To: Crank up your slap shot like Red Wing's Brian Rafalski

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to crank up their slap-shot in hockey. Begin by placing your hands up at about half way down the hockey stick to apply maximum flex to follow through on your shot. When taking a shot, raise the stick to about shoulder height and transfer the weight from your back leg to the front leg. Rotate your hips and follow through the shot. Line the puck up along the inside of the front foot, row your hands through and point your stick to where you want the shot...

How To: Play street hockey

Do you like to play hockey but have no idea how to skate? Are you more of a summer person than a winter one? Do you live somewhere where ice is hard to find? Well, then check out this tutorial and learn to play street hockey! Get all the fun of hockey without the cold, icy mess!

How To: Improve backward skating in hockey like Jason Ward

Jason Ward gives us tips on how to improve our backwards skating. The first point he makes concerns balance and power. You want to keep your feet shoulder width apart and your chest up. The next point is the "C" it. The more you dig into the ice the more power you will get in your strides; as you push your skate outwards, dig in hard and you will go faster. The third point is to head on a swivel. You want to know what is going on around you, so you need to be able to look behind you and be aw...

How To: Perfect the wrist shot with NHL star Mike Cammalleri

Calgary Flames sniper Mike Cammalleri shows us the art of taking a blistering wrist shot in ice hockey. This shows how to get power in the wrist shot. With the one piece stick they use a whip to shoot the puck. It's a bit like the snap shot. This is a tutorial from NHL or the National Ice Hockey League. Perfect the wrist shot with NHL star Mike Cammalleri.

How To: Skate the forward pivot to backwards move

Ice skating is a fundamental skill in playing ice hockey. Learn ice hockey skills and moves in this sports video on how to ice skate. Take action: transfer weight from one leg to other, keep knees bent, and pivot as you shift your weight. Angie, the instructor in this how-to video from Live Strong, is currently with the Youth Hockey Foundation of Austin and the Chaparral Ice Center located in Austin TX. A native of Canada, Angie has been playing hockey for nearly 30 years. Angie enjoys instru...

How To: Perform a wrist shot

Check out this instructional hockey video that demonstrates how to take a wrist shot. Wrist shots in hockey are fundamental striking shots. Learn ice hockey skills and moves in this sports video on how to play hockey.

How To: Pass a hockey puck

Check out this instructional hockey video that demonstrates how to pass a hockey puck. Learn how to do a four hand pass. Passing the puck is a fundamental hockey skill. Learn ice hockey skills and moves in this sports video on how to play hockey.

How To: Forward stride on ice skates

Check out this instructional hockey video that demonstrates the proper forward skating stride. Ice hockey players stride forward for speed and power. Learn hockey skills and moves in this sports video on how to play hockey.

How To: Master inside outside edges

Check out this instructional hockey video that demonstrates the beginning concepts of skating. Learn how to do inside outside edges. Ice skating for hockey requires skills like mastering inside outside edges. Learn hockey skills and moves in this sports video on how to play hockey.

How To: Handle the puck

Hockey Coach Tom Martin gives different drills for handling the puck. Each individual drill is discussed and illustrated augmented by a side bar summarizing the drill. Tips are given throughout the video in the form of pop ups.

How To: Win face offs

Hockey coach Tom Martin discusses and shows drills on how to win faceoffs in both the offensive and defensive zones along with faceoff strategies. Sidebars are shown summarizing each set of drills, and tips are shown in the form of pop ups throughout the video. Practice is of course the key!

How To: Shoot the puck

Coach Tom Martin discusses different techniques for shooting and the various types of shots used in the game. Among these are the wrist shot, snap shot, and the slap shot. A recap is given at the end of the video. Throughout the video, tips appear in the form of pop ups.

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